Our Christmas Ball

This Christmas Season, my cute sis Adelle had an idea.  "Let's have a party." she said.  "Not just any party, though.  A party where we can all get dressed up and go out dancing!"  "Let's throw a Christmas Ball!"  That is where this story begins.  A grand idea that blossomed into a fun and magical night.  With the help of my amazing family and some great friends, we were not only able to get together to eat, laugh, dance, sing and enjoy the holiday spirit together, but we were also able to raise a lot of money to benefit the children of the Angel Tree Charity.  

We had a lot of entertainment at the Ball.
This is my cutie teenager.
  He played the guitar for the crowd.  
  He was amazing.

Here are the proud parents of that cutie teenager.
We have a lot of fun together.

This little sweetie is a special joy to me!
There is just something about your little sister's baby.
Those of you who have a little sister with a baby, 
know what I am talking about.
She has my heart!

The music was amazing and we all had so much fun 
out on the dance floor!

And look at this handsome little man!
May I have this dance?  

Chad even got to squeeze in one little cat nap.
Those 16 hour days were hitting him hard!

My mom made all the grand-daughters a Ball Gown. 
Every little Princess needs a gown, right?
(I know.  I have an amazing Mom.)

And my little Darlings looked beautiful.  

Of course, the night would not have been complete 
without hearing a song from my sister Cindee.  
She treated us all to some beautiful performances.  
WOW that girl can sing!!

To see the rest of my photos from the Dennis Family Christmas Charity Ball click here.  And, to see more about how we helped the Angel Tree Children, check out our Ball Blog.  And if you still want more, check out these photos we took of our guests in the Cathedral at the Ball.  A huge THANK YOU to all who attended and gave generously.  We loved spending the evening with you.  If you missed it, we hope to see you next year!  IT WAS A BALL!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Adelle and Cord said...

Your pictures put mine to shame! I am sitting here wishing I had your camera and more importantly--your skills. :)

Yes, yes it was a fun night.
mostly because of all the love in the place. We are so lucky to have such a fab family!!! I am so glad we are friends, not just sisters. Those are the best kind of friendships because they last Forever!!! Love ya! Thanks for all your help with the ball.

'Ole Lisa said...

Jen, what a wonderful thing to do and the memories that you all will have. This made a huge impact on the children in your family and just think of the lesson that they learned regarding service! Just a great blessing for those you helped and for those involved. Thank you for inviting Hunter and our family. You know that we would have been there had it not been the ward party that I was helping with. If you do this again next year, count us in. We would love to help. Merry Christmas and thanks again. The pictures are wonderful!