Lisa's Family Shoot

Some of my favs from my shoot with my friend Lisa's darling family.  
Lisa - you are one lucky girl to have these special people in your life!
You guys are great!  Thanks for asking me to shoot!  

Addicted Again.

OK I admit it.
  I have been sucked in.  
I am now addicted once again, to Twilight.  
I saw the movie last weekend, and LOVED it.  
I'm already wanting to see it again!
I loved reading the books, and I was afraid the movie 
just wouldn't live up (the movies are usually never as good as the books), 
but overall, I would say they did a pretty amazing job at bringing it to life!  
The actors played their characters really well 
(with the exception of Jasper... I didn't love how he was portrayed).  
Bella was perfect, and Edward (much to my surprise) was well, Edward.  
Need I say more?

One of my favorite scenes from the movie.... 

Oh yes, I will definitely be back to see it once again.
And, yes, I am enjoying my fall from reality.
Hope I can stay here for awhile.

Megan's Cute Fam.

A few fun pics from my shoot with Megan's cute little family!

Warriors Win It.

Since football started up again last August, it has been a major part of our lives.  Practices, Practices, Practices and Games, Games, Games (despite my best efforts of trying to talk my little man out of playing...).  No, there was no talking him out of it... his heart is in the game.  And my heart is his, so for now, we are enjoying this fun football ride for as long as it lasts.          

And it has been fun.  Really fun.  
Last night, we watched our little man and his team, 
play under the lights on the big field at the new REAL Stadium.  
Our little underdog team, played incredibly well and pulled out a win 
against a team that everyone warned us was really, really tough.  

It was so exciting to watch and it was such a great win for us!  
And, how awesome to be able to play here at the big stadium!
The boys absolutely loved it.   

My little man, and a few others have been together
 on the same team for 3 years now.  
This is their 3 years together picture.  

And, my heart exploded again with pride and joy,
as it always does every time I watch him play.
Yep, I'm one proud mama.

Way To Go Warriors!

My Hiking Adventure.

At least once a year, my mom likes to plan, and go on, a big hiking adventure.  This years plan was to hike up and over Mt. Ogden.  Think about that - up and over a mountain!  Well, that's exactly what we did.  And we loved it.  All of it.  Except the scaling up the steepest parts on our hands and feet part.  But other than that, we loved it.  Take a look!

These are my hiking partners.  
Four of my very favorite people in all the world.
My mom, and 3 of my sisters.  

I loved, loved, loved this day. 
We had so much fun.
Do we look ready to conquer this mountain, or what?
Up, Up, Up we went.

It was so beautiful!  
But, this rock-man kept following us...  
It was kinda creepy.
This was the scaling up the steep mountainside part.
(Can you tell behind us how steep it is?)  
Don't slip, and don't look down!!
It was someone's brilliant idea to leave the trail 
and blaze our own way - straight up.
We thought it would save us some time, 
and hey, how hard could it be, right?  

HARD!  The mountainside was totally covered in 
small loose rocks, so every step you took, your 
foot slid down about 2 feet.  Have you ever rode falling rocks 
down a mountainside before?  Not too fun.  
Luckily, we had this cute girl to pull us up with her rope!  
After quite a few hours of hiking and lots of laughs, 
we reached the top!  
This is looking down into Huntsville.  
The body of water you can see is Pineview.
That is my awesome Mom leading the way.  

The summit was very windy, and we ran into a bit of snow.
It was so amazing and so rewarding!  

In the distance you can see our destination.  
The Snow Basin Lodge.
It was absolutely gorgeous.  
I was wishin' that lodge was my home.
Out of the wind, and into the gondola, 
for a scenic ride down the other side of the mountain, 
where a nice big juicy hamburger awaited us 
at the bottom, at the Snow Basin restaurant.    

We did it!

What an awesome day, girls!  
I cannot wait for our next hiking adventure.
Get planning Mom!

Jenica and Chad's Engagements.

I have been so bad about getting my clients pictures up on the blog!  
Life is crazy!  These are some of my favorites from 
Jenica and Chad's engagement shoot -   
(with Jenica's darling little girl in some of the shots!)
I had so many favorites - it was hard to narrow it down!
  What a fun, cute couple!  
I look forward to shooting their wedding in December! 

A Night Out.

Last month, we had the amazing opportunity to get all dressed up
 and enjoy a night out on the town.  

It was a Black Tie Event.  
Very Fancy Smancy.

And, we got to share it with some of our favorite people, 
Ryan & Samantha.

It was a Fund-Raising Event for Operation Kids
an amazing organization that supports many charities 
who help protect our children.

We also got to rub shoulders with a few celebrities.
Much to Ryan and Chad's delight, 
they got to meet (and take pictures with)
President Palmer.
OK, I know thats not his real name, 
(its Dennis Haybert - he was our host for the evening)
 but for those 24 fans out there,
its President Palmer. 
He is also the star of the CBS show The Unit. 

The other man in the photo is John Walsh - 
the host from America's Most Wanted.
He was being honored that night with a lifetime achievement award. 
(and very well deserved - after learning of his story, 
I see him as a true hero to children everywhere!)    

You may recognize some of the other people that performed for us -
Monty Powell (famous songwriter)
Anna Wilson, actor Daniel J. Travanti, 
and pianist Jim Brickman. 

And, to end the night, we were privileged to a private concert 
from country singer Collin Raye.

I tried to get a few video clips on my little camera.
The first one is of Dennis Haybert 
(and I apologize in advance that it is sideways)...

The rest are of the Collin Raye concert, 
performing with Jim Brickman and Susan Ashton.

It was an amazing and magical night!