Beautiful Sedona.

There is just something about the desert...
something about the red rock country...
It's so beautiful.  It calls to me.
I am so happy when I get to hike around on it.
It makes me feel ALIVE!

Last month I took a trip down south...
here is just a little tiny highlight of my adventure!

These breath-taking views had us all amazed.  
I could have stayed here for hours!
(This hike was near Lake Powell... we stopped on our way to AZ.)

It was magnificent!

This is beautiful Sedona, Arizona.
There were so many many things that I loved about it!
Big beautiful skies, delicious panoramics, awesome vistas,
so much green mixed in with the gorgeous red rock mountains,
amazing wildflowers like I have never seen before,
trail after trail after wonderful trail, breath-taking views, 
and the peace, energy and joy I felt being there!
Another favorite:  our hike into some Indian ruins.  
I have always been so fascinated with history.
Can you imagine living here?

It was so quiet here.  So quiet and peaceful.

There are vortex's in Sedona - (enhanced energy zones).
No, I am not making this up! - It's been scientifically proven!
A lot of healing and meditation goes on here.
It is a famous global power spot.  

See?  Here I am.  Meditating... pondering the meaning of life...
at one of the vortex sites.  It was such a beautiful view!
And so peaceful!  My soul seemed to fill up with joy. 
(Ya Ya, I can hear you right now...  "what is she?! some kind of hippie?!")

That is Cathedral Rock behind me.  
It is another vortex - famous for helping people with fertility.
I decided to stay a little farther away from that one.  :)

You can see Bell Rock behind me here.
Another vortex.  I loved it.  
Me and my mom hiked it twice!

The beautiful Chapel of the Holy Cross.
The views from inside were spectacular.

These were my traveling companions.
My sister and one of my best friends - Adelle,
and my brother Jacob - one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.
My mom was with us too.  She was such a blast to hike and hang out with!
We had some great conversations and TONS of laughs together!!

Me (hippie girl #1) and Adelle (hippie girl #2)
soaking up all the good energies from this dry river bed.
We called it a "river of energy".  It flowed over us!
(I can hear you again!... "Oh boy.  She really is a hippie!")
Beautiful.  Peaceful.  Happy.  Magical.  Enchanting.  Mystical.   
Can't wait to go back!

Hippie Girl

Andrew's Senior Portraits.

It is graduation time... and that means more Senior Pictures!
Andrew was so fun to shoot.  I'm lovin' his serious face!
He could be a Cullen, don't you think?
Here is your sneak peek Andrew!! 
I know your future will be bright! 
(you can click on the pics to enlarge)

B. Family Grandkids.

Have you ever tried to shoot 8 little kids for a photograph?  
Ha Ha.  Not the easiest thing in the world!
But we got some good ones, and the little cuties hung in there
as long as they could!  It was fun guys, thanks for asking me!

E. Family Portraits.

This cute family is related to my sister Adelle.
They wanted some Mother's Day pictures with all the grandchildren
(those coming soon) and we ended up doing family pictures, too!
I am lovin' their big blue eyes!
Here are a few from that session.

B. Family Pics.

Check out this awesome family!
They were easy peasy and so fun to work with!!
Thanks you guys and here is your sneak peek!

Puppy Love.

Meet Coach.  
He is a new part of our family.
He was a birthday gift for my Dad.  

He loves coming over to our house to play with the kids!

He loves playing tag.  He is always "it".

He also loves to chew.
Especially on fingers and pants.

Puppy Love.  
We are all suffering from it right now!

Alexis Senior Portraits.

This darling girl was so fun to shoot!
She's got it all - she's smart, pretty, fun and knows who she is.
Good luck with your future Alexis!!  I know it will be great.
Here are some of my favorites from our shoot!  

More Easter Fun.

I have been so busy with my "mom" duties, the new website, 
traveling, and photo shoots/editing that i have neglected my blog!  
I am so behind, but here are some more photos from Easter at Nana's house.  
It was a fun day!  And don't these photos scream "IT'S SPRINGTIME!"?

Stayed tuned for some very fun spring shoots, 
as well as some pics from my trip to Sedona!