Jenica and Fam.

Had the opportunity to shoot Jenica's Family last week.  She is so nice!  And what a little doll her daughter is!  What a Cutie!  Here are a few from the shoot...  Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  

Soccer filled Saturdays.

Our Saturdays consist of at least 3 soccer games and 1 football game (among all the other Saturday must-do's).  Are we crazy?  Yes.  Crazy about our darling and talented cuties!  Yes, we would have more money in our pocket and more free time (free time?  what's that?) if they had no interest in playing sports, but, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing we love more than watching our cuties play.  Nothing.  They truly love it and are so good at it!!  Our hearts explode with pride as we watch them progress and have fun with it.  I am often overcome with emotion during the games (jenny emotional?  shocking I know.) as I find myself reflecting on how fast they grow up.  (yes this is why I am in dark sun glasses at the games.  and because it's sunny.  I know, I know - I need some serious help.)  Does anyone else out there tear up at their kids games?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?           

I mean come on!  
Who wouldn't tear up at this?  
I'm tearing up just reliving it!!

And this girl has a serious power kick!  
She's famous for it.  
Does anyone have any kleenex?  

And, oh my little man.  
He has some serious moves.  
Pure joy.  It can do strange things to a person.
Tearing up as I watch them - it must be completely normal! 
At least that's what I keep telling myself.  

Cade + Football = Love.

When I went in to say good night 
and tuck my little man into bed 
a few nights ago, 
this is what I found...

What am I going to do with 
my little football lovin' man?
He makes my heart smile.

Family Pictures!

It's Family Picture Time!!
September and October 
are very popular months for family portraits!
I love shooting this time of year too- 
everything looks so beautiful outside.

Need a Family Portrait?
But don't wait too long-
September is booked 
and October is filling up fast!

*Fall Special* 
Family Portraits
*includes at least 5 retouched images on CD.

Now, here are a few more shots 
from the fun (extended) Nakaishi Family...
Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!

Nakaishi Family Sneak Peek.

Don't ya just love Eli's blue eyes?  
More to come from the fun Nakaishi family soon.

2 Sista Friends.

I know, I know.  
I'm caucasian.  
I can't pull off saying "Sista Friend."
But hey, you can't blame a sista for tryin'!!

Speakin' of Sista's:
I had to shout out a big THANKS 
to 2 of mine.

Meet Brooke.
She married my brother Matt.
She's a rockin' photographer.
She's quite awesome.
THANK YOU Brooke for sharing 
your awesomeness with me!!  
You Rock.

Meet Adelle.
She is not married to my brother Matt.
(because let's face it, that would just be wrong and weird.)
She's a SuperMom of 2 darling girls
 and is quite brilliant in everything she does.
THANK YOU Adelle for sharing your 
SuperMomness with my little Shaye!
You Rock.


I have a love/hate relationship with football.  Actually, now that I think about it - it's mostly a hate relationship with football with a huge amount of love for the little man in my life that insists on playing the game.  He, on the other hand, has a LOVE/LOVE relationship with the game - and why he does, I'll never know...  But, because he lives and breathes football, we support him and his dreams to one day play in the NFL.  (Lord help me...)  But, I have to say, my little man playing football has benefited me in a few ways.  One benefit is the knowledge I now have that my heart is in good cardiac condition.  I know this, because my heart pounds 100 miles a minute out of my chest, during his games.  It is good to know that I won't soon die of a heart attack, (even though it feels like it), every time they send my little man into a battle zone.      

Here's my little man, #28, wide receiver, 
heading out to battle.
Here comes the beating heart...  
Breathe, Jenny, Breathe! 

It's OK.
  Maybe they won't send the play his way.
  Maybe they'll just forget he's even out there!
Maybe he will develop magical powers 
and become invisible, and. and. and.

Oh no.  
Oh no. no. no!
  #6 what do you think you are doing?
Don't give him that ball!!!

OK #6.  You are in so much trouble after the game.

Run, little man, Run!!
Breathe, Jenny, Breathe!!

Wait. a. second.  
Who was supposed to be blocking #92?!!!!
And, what the heck are they feeding that kid?!!!

Alright, I want to see some papers on this kid.
NO WAY he is 11 years old!!
Someone wearing red - please help my little man!

OK - WHEW!  Thank you red!
Wait a minute...
WHO HAS #92?!!!

Magical Powers... Magical Powers... Magical Powers...
Invisible... Invisible... Invisible...
How is my heart not exploding?!!

It has exploded.  
It has exploded with pride and joy 
for my SUPER TOUGH little man,
who took one of the hardest hits I have ever seen,
by 2 or 3 kids triple his size,
held onto the ball,
and got up,
and still (don't ask me why)
The cutest and toughest wide receiver 
to ever play football.

a little side note:  no, I don't have any photos of the hit that Cade took from the huge X-men.  I saw it all through my zoom lens, and I think I actually did have a heart attack at that point, and pressing the shutter button as you are having a heart attack is more difficult than you  might think...  this problem of being too nervous and too excited to take pictures of him during his shining moments has made him a little mad at me.  What can I say?  I'll try to do better next time...  if I can just remember to breathe...

Steve and Shylah Get Married.

Here are a few shots from 
Steve and Shylah's wedding day.  
They seemed so in love, 
and so incredibly happy!  
Thanks you two, 
for asking me to capture your special day!
It was fun!!

Jordan, the Great.

A few pics from Jordan's shoot...
He doesn't like getting his pic taken.
I have to bribe him or threaten to take his phone.
(Texting is his life).  
(Anyone else with teenagers will understand).
He hates it even worse when I put him up on the blog.
But, hey, I'm his mom.  
It's my job to embarrass him, right?
He really is one GREAT kid, 
(who said teenagers were hard?)
and we are lucky to have him under our roof...
texting and all.

Shylah and Steve Sneak Peek.

Here is a little peek at Shylah and Steve's 
wedding shoot that I did a few weeks ago.  
Stay tuned for more to come from their awesome day!

I Survived... Barely.

Yes, I am one of those mothers.  
You know the ones I'm talking about - 
the ones that cry, fuss and fit about 
sending their little ones to school.  
The ones who spy on them 
and keep them under their protective 
watch even when they are at school.  
The ones who, on the first day, follow them around, 
taking hundreds of pictures, walking them to class - 
mothering them all the way...  
What?  You don't know what I'm talking about?  
I'm the ONLY one?  
Well, come to think of it, 
I actually didn't see anyone else balling like a baby.  
Hmm.... OK I admit it.  I might have a problem.  
But you would too, if you had a little sweetie like this 
and it was her first day of Kindergarten.

And she is your baby, 
and she is supposed to stay your baby forever...

But she didn't listen, and she grew up anyway!  
Man, kids sure don't listen to their parents, do they?  

How many times do I have to tell her 
that I want her to stay little?
Can ya tell she is sick of smiling 
for pictures by this point?
I can just read her mind, can't you?... 
"Jeez, mom, how many pictures 
are you going to take?  
This is so embarrassing!  
All the kids are already 
in the class in their seats!  
For goodness sakes, stop crying!"

"Um, Mom, I don't think you can stay here 
and take pictures during class.  
Please leave now."

Ha Ha!  She can't see me out in the hall!  
I'll just stay out here all day, and do some spying 
and take a few hundred more pictures.   
She'll never know! 
 Yes, I know.  I'm pathetic.  I need help.  
But, man do I love that little sweetie.