I Survived... Barely.

Yes, I am one of those mothers.  
You know the ones I'm talking about - 
the ones that cry, fuss and fit about 
sending their little ones to school.  
The ones who spy on them 
and keep them under their protective 
watch even when they are at school.  
The ones who, on the first day, follow them around, 
taking hundreds of pictures, walking them to class - 
mothering them all the way...  
What?  You don't know what I'm talking about?  
I'm the ONLY one?  
Well, come to think of it, 
I actually didn't see anyone else balling like a baby.  
Hmm.... OK I admit it.  I might have a problem.  
But you would too, if you had a little sweetie like this 
and it was her first day of Kindergarten.

And she is your baby, 
and she is supposed to stay your baby forever...

But she didn't listen, and she grew up anyway!  
Man, kids sure don't listen to their parents, do they?  

How many times do I have to tell her 
that I want her to stay little?
Can ya tell she is sick of smiling 
for pictures by this point?
I can just read her mind, can't you?... 
"Jeez, mom, how many pictures 
are you going to take?  
This is so embarrassing!  
All the kids are already 
in the class in their seats!  
For goodness sakes, stop crying!"

"Um, Mom, I don't think you can stay here 
and take pictures during class.  
Please leave now."

Ha Ha!  She can't see me out in the hall!  
I'll just stay out here all day, and do some spying 
and take a few hundred more pictures.   
She'll never know! 
 Yes, I know.  I'm pathetic.  I need help.  
But, man do I love that little sweetie.


'Ole Lisa said...

What? I thought I was the only one! She is a sweetie and she looks so much older with a missing tooth! Darling pictures of her.

Jennifer M. said...

Oh, I so understand. It is so hard sending your last baby to school. I wish we could have cried together. I had such a hard time sending my two oldest into the junior high setting this year. If we still lived in Utah, I would've only had to send one. Our babies are growing up too fast! It seems like we were just barely pregnant together with Caden and Madi. Where does time go?