The Frasier Family

I posted a sneak peek from the Frasier's shoot over HERE on The Shoot Shoppe Blog!

Merry Christmas!

The Butterfields.

Posted a few from the Butterfields shoot over HERE on The Shoot Shoppe Blog!

Christ: The Real Gift of Christmas

LOVED this reminder today.

Want to see?  You'll be glad you did.
Click below:
Christ: The Real Gift of Christmas

Hiking Mt. Ogden.

Hiking is one of my most FAVORITE things in the world!
I did not get to do it enough this past summer and fall.
Note to self:  HIKE MORE NEXT YEAR!

Our hike up and over Mt. Ogden was amazing.

We had a bird's eye view - it reminded me of looking down from an airplane.

Blood sisters?  Or sisters-in-law?
What's your guess?

Sisters-in-law!  She belongs to my brother Matt.
But we look like we could be blood sisters and I love her to death!
Me standing triumphantly at the top! 
That is Ogden Valley and PineView behind me in the background. 

My hiking party!  - 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 amazing mom and Debbie!
Beautiful Snow Basin Lodge.  One of the most GORGEOUS places in Utah.
It reminds me so much of Switzerland!

And we finished it off with a ride down the other side of the mountain on the gondolas.
It was a beautiful, rewarding, perfect, amazing experience!
Can't wait till next time.

I kinda like these people.

My mom and dad, and me, and all of my siblings got together a few weeks ago
with our families for family pictures.  My awesome sis in law Brooke took these of my family.

You can see a few more pics of the rest of the Dennis clan right over here!

Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

We are getting so EXCITED for the Holidays!
This is such a fun time of year!


Me and the girls having a little fun with Photobooth...
I love this time of year!

Happy Halloween!!

Cute Girls!

I posted some cute shots of some very cute girls right over here.

Hurray! HAPPY DAY!

Happy Day!

My new Website and Blog!

A new place for both my Photography and Videography!

My cute sister Adelle has also partnered up with me -
showcasing her videography, as well!

 This Blog will now become a place for my Family Updates
and I promise not to neglect it anymore!!

Back in Action.

I will be BACK IN ACTION very soon


A New Addition.

Me and my camera went to see newborn Corey again a few days ago.
He is my new nephew and he is so precious.
I am suffering from a really bad case of Baby Love.

Here are a few shots from our little mini shoot that day. 

Closed for Business?

Ran Away?
Fallen off the face of the Earth?


I know I have neglected my BLOG lately...
and it may seem like I have closed up shop, 
but that's not the case!
I have been shooting (and editing) a lot,
but most importantly I have been soaking up every minute 
that I get to spend with my DARLING family.
I will always be a mom first - photographer second.

Speaking of my darling family...
These little people are the joy of my life!

Events that happened in my family this past summer, (I almost lost my Dad)
have reminded me just how fragile and precious life really is.
We never know how much time we have with each other.  
Cherish every moment.

I hope you all had an amazing summer!

Some exciting news:  I am hoping to launch the new website/blog very soon!!
Stay tuned!!

Mr. Shy | Children's Portraits

This little guy is DARLING and SUPER SHY.
Every time I called his name or put up my camera, 
he would duck his head down away from me and smile.
In spite of that, we got some really cute shots. 
Here are a few...

More Allison. | Children's Portraits

I heard you all chanting...
More Allison!  More Allison!
So here you go...  More from my session with Allison.

I seriously can't get enough of this cute face.
Aren't her eyes and eyelashes to die for?
She is amazing!

And who knew that pineapple could grow in Utah?
The temple gardens and the people who care for them are A-Mazing.

Turning Eight is Great! | Baptism Portraits

This beautiful girl is my niece.  
She is very excited to be baptized this month!
I am so proud of her and I want her to know how much I love her.
Here are a few favorites from our session!

My Hero.

A Happy Place.

A few weeks ago, Chad and I took our cute little family to a very happy place.
I LOVED the time we spent together.
I can feel my family changing so fast...  
it has made me cherish memories like these even more.
Here is a glimpse of our fun adventure...

Our beach photos coming soon!

Baby coming soon!

There is nothing quite like a pregnant belly, is there?
So miraculous!
And, it is the one time we can celebrate being huge!

Meet my beautiful sister Cindee and her hubby Art.
She is almost due with her first baby.

Here are some more of my favorites from her maternity session...

Cindee's Belly Shots.

Loved this shot from my maternity session yesterday!
More coming soon...

Jacob's Portraits.

Meet Jake.
He's my kid brother.
I don't get to see him near often enough!
He's pursuing his career in music down in Phoenix and soon to be L.A.!
Last time he visited Utah, I got some photographs of him.
Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.