The Magic of Christmas Morning.

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be tiring and overwhelming.  I often have thoughts during December like:  Why are we doing this?  We totally transform the outside and inside of our homes, we buy present after present after present, we attend party after party after party... the list goes on and on.  And, if we are not careful, we miss it.  We miss the Feeling.  The Spirit.  The Magic.  In the early hours of Christmas morning, as I watched my wide-eyed, excited little darlings, I was reminded again of why we do it.  Magic was in the air.  I could feel it.  The feeling flooded me with memories from when I was a little girl, of my own magical Christmas mornings.  I was overcome with happiness, gratitude, and an overwhelming love for our Savior Jesus Christ and the magic and miracle of His royal birth.  Magic.  Christmas Magic.  There is no other feeling in the world like it.    

Peace and Love Baby, Peace and Love.

I know, I know.
I admit it.
I have never been cool enough to flash anyone the peace sign.
But hey, it's never too late to start, right?
I mean, people re-invent themselves all the time, right?

I can hear what you are all thinking -
(you don't think I can hear you but I can)
"is she going through some kind of crisis?"
(and notice it does not say mid-life crisis - 
I hope to high heaven that I am not in my mid-life yet.)
(Not that there is anything wrong with being in your mid-life.)
(I'm just sayin'.)
And no - no crisis here, unless you are referring to my huge laundry piles 
and my dirty dishes, and my video projects, 
and my photos that need editing, 
and then I would say yes, I have a huge crisis on my hands.   

"does she just have way too much time on her hands?"
Um, no.  In fact, I don't have enough time in the day.  
But does that stop me from making myself the poster girl 
for peace and love?  No.  
I'm cool like that.

"is she crazy?"
Uh, yes.  You haven't figured that out yet?
Someone please help me.

Peace and Love Baby,

The Cave Family.

Another Snow Shoot!  I think these are so fun!  This is the awesome Cave Family.  They were so fun and so willing to traipse through the snow where ever I told them to go!  They froze without their coats and the kids were troopers.  Thanks you guys!!  What a beautiful family! 

Remember these cuties?

I needed some winter shots of my kiddos, so out we went the other day, into the snow.  It was really fun, except for the fact that they kept running around having snow ball fights before I was done shooting!  But I didn't mind (don't tell them) cuz the candid shots I got of them playing together are absolutely darling and a treasure to me.  Thought I would share a few with you.  Hope your January is going great and hope you are staying warm! 

More from Chad & Jenica's Wedding Shoot.

Had the pleasure of shooting Chad and Jenica's Groomals and Wedding Day last month.  They are so nice and fun to work with and Jenica's little girl is a little darling!  Thanks for including me in your special day you guys, and I wish you all the best!!  

Go Gators!

Gators win it 24-14!

In honor of our little man, who happens to love Florida University - he wants to attend college there (which now by the way, puts one son in Hawaii for college and one in Florida for college - oh my.  help me now...) we all dressed up tonight for the big championship game!  Go Gators!!