Peace and Love Baby, Peace and Love.

I know, I know.
I admit it.
I have never been cool enough to flash anyone the peace sign.
But hey, it's never too late to start, right?
I mean, people re-invent themselves all the time, right?

I can hear what you are all thinking -
(you don't think I can hear you but I can)
"is she going through some kind of crisis?"
(and notice it does not say mid-life crisis - 
I hope to high heaven that I am not in my mid-life yet.)
(Not that there is anything wrong with being in your mid-life.)
(I'm just sayin'.)
And no - no crisis here, unless you are referring to my huge laundry piles 
and my dirty dishes, and my video projects, 
and my photos that need editing, 
and then I would say yes, I have a huge crisis on my hands.   

"does she just have way too much time on her hands?"
Um, no.  In fact, I don't have enough time in the day.  
But does that stop me from making myself the poster girl 
for peace and love?  No.  
I'm cool like that.

"is she crazy?"
Uh, yes.  You haven't figured that out yet?
Someone please help me.

Peace and Love Baby,


cathy said...

Nice-I think this is pretty funny. Peace and Love Jenny!

~adelle said...

Totally cool enough to do the peace sign. No question. LOVE THE NEW BLOG!!! SOOOOO CUTE...

'Ole Lisa said...

Hey! 'Sup? You are cool enough for the peace and love. You make me laugh with your mellow ways! I love the new look of the blog and hope you are doing great.