Summer Relaxin'

Wanted to share this shot of my little sweetie, 
relaxin' away on Grandma's hammock.
It just makes me smile!  
Happy Summer!

You've had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

Happy Happy Birthday to my amazing little sweetie!  
5 years ago today, my world was changed when you came into it.  
You have been a source of amazing joy and you have helped me stretch my wings as a mother and you have taught me a lot...  
(where did you get so stubborn, anyway?)  
I feel so lucky to be your mom!  
Happy Happy Birthday to the most beautiful 5 year old who ever lived.  
Love, MOM       


So, I had a client call me and say "My business partners and I want some GQ shots for our website."  

OK, great!  This should be fun I thought, though every GQ magazine cover I have ever seen, has had a hot and steamy super model on the front...  

Anyway, I took some great GQ shots of my awesome Dad last year for his website, so I knew we could get some great ones.  
Here are a few of my favorites... 

Can't wait to see the website you guys!  It was fun!

For Fun.

Took this shot yesterday of my beautiful geraniums.  
I am basking in the warmth and beauty of summertime!  
The colors right now, are so amazing everywhere you look!  
Happy Summer and Happy Shooting!

A Summer Angel.

Shylah and Steve.

Some of my favorite shots from Shylah and Steve's engagment shoot on Saturday!  Congratulations on your engagement!  
I'm so excited for you guys!  

Special Moments...

A very beautiful, special day for a very beautiful, special girl.  Some days, don't you just marvel at all the amazing things God has blessed you with?  
I do.  A. LOT.  


Can you think of any better way to spend your summer nights, than watching your little darlings play little league?  I can't...

2 Cute Sisters!

My photo shoot with 2 darling, busy little girls!  
Watch soon for session #2 with these little cuties.

More Photoshop Fun!

Do you ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day?  I have so many things pulling at my time and attention.  My four little sweeties come first, and then I have to prioritize, because my time is so precious.  I have loved learning more and more about Photoshop in my design class.  I haven't been able to put as much time in as I have wanted, but I got my computer totally cleaned off and organized yesterday.  Yippee!  So, now I am ready to dive into my designs!  This is one I just finished.  
What a fun way to display your photographs!!   


Wishing so bad, that I was doing this again right now...
I miss Hawaii everyday!


Here are some of my favorites from my shoot with Gabrielle.  
There are a lot, but I loved so many of them and just wanted to share!
She is so gorgeous!  Man, she is growing up!  Hope you enjoy.
(a little side note:  Gabi is going to be baptized on Saturday!  
Her beautiful white dress was made by  her very talented Grandma.
Thanks Mom!)


Just a little teaser from my photo shoot with Gabrielle.  
I will get more pics from this session up soon!