OK, so I know I have been behind on blogging!  
I haven't forgot... just been super busy!
But I have been making some great progress!
We love progress, don't we?  Yes we do.
Progress on:
Some video work... (one video project took Adelle and I to St. George!)
Some photography work... (some very exciting news on this, soon to come!)
And most of all... Some Mom work... (my most important job, and the one that keeps me insanely busy!  But, I love it and am so thankful that I get to do it full time!)
Speaking of... here are a few pics of my little darlings.  
Happy February Everyone!
Hope you've made some progress, too!

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope everyone has an amazingly romantic Valentine's Day!
It is one of my very favorite days of the year.
Wanna know why?
Because I get to spend it with this cutie. 
And, he always surprises me with something amazing.
I'm am lucky to have Superman as my cute hubby.  
He's Super.  And a Man.  
And Awesome.  And Cute.  
And Delicious.
And I love him.  A lot.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Speed Stack (future) World Champ.

Meet the future Speed Stacking World Champ.
He lives with me.
I love him.
I think he is cool.
He stacks cups really fast.
He thinks I'm weird.
I'm fine with that.
He still holds my hand.
I love that.
He thinks I'm funny.
I'm glad someone does.
This is getting random.
Good thing I like randomness.

Here he is:
The Awesome Speed Stacker!
Watch out World Champs...
Here He Comes!
(current personal record is: 12.28 seconds.)

For Grandpa Rich.

This post is dedicated to Grandpa Rich in Las Vegas...  
We love you Dad.

For Christmas, Chad's Dad gave our girls something special.  
Not just a gift, but an experience.  
A gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop.  

Last month, we were able to spend an awesome day in the city - 
just the 6 of us together.  
We had an amazing day, full of fun and laughter. 
One of our stops was at the Build-A-Bear workshop.  

It was so fun watching the girls take the time to 
pick out the perfect little animal.
So many choices...

After they settled on their favorite new friend, 
it was time to stuff them with fluff.

Then, of course, every little creature needs a heart,
but before the hearts went in, 
our girls made a wish of love for them...
Next, it was bath time.  

After the baths, they spent some time picking out 
their favorite outfits for their new little friends, 
and then got them dressed.

And finally, they sat down at the computer 
and gave them a name.

Meet Alyssa.
  She is a darling little monkey 
who likes to wrap her arms around you, 
and she's Gabi's new best friend.  

And this is Meg.  
She is the cutest, softest little puppy 
who cuddles up with Shaye at night.  

Pretty cute new members of our little family.
Thanks Dad, for giving us such a great memory.
We only wish you could have been there 
to share it with us.  

And now,
so I don't leave the boys out...

Cade has been enjoying his pre-paid visa you gave him.
He has used it twice for snowboarding, and is having a blast.

And, Jordan is lovin' the new American Eagle gear
and is lookin' good in it.

Thanks Grandpa Rich!
Now come visit, will ya?
We miss you!