Speed Stack (future) World Champ.

Meet the future Speed Stacking World Champ.
He lives with me.
I love him.
I think he is cool.
He stacks cups really fast.
He thinks I'm weird.
I'm fine with that.
He still holds my hand.
I love that.
He thinks I'm funny.
I'm glad someone does.
This is getting random.
Good thing I like randomness.

Here he is:
The Awesome Speed Stacker!
Watch out World Champs...
Here He Comes!
(current personal record is: 12.28 seconds.)


~adelle said...

Caden, did you you speed that footage up? Pretty impressive. I am glad you finally got your mat. You gotta have the essentials. That is some cool stuff!!! Did you put that video on You Tube so everyone in the world could watch??? You should. :)

'Ole Lisa said...

Impressive! I didn't know that he did that. (He is a pretty talented kid!) I would love to see him do that in person. And Jen. I loved the random thoughts. They are great and don't EVER apologize for being you! Because you make us all smile!!!!