Some of my favorite shots from Cade's photo shoot!
He really wanted to have the football in some of them, 
and I am all about shooting people being themselves, 
in their element, and keeping it real!
These are so Cade.  What a cutie!


K9 the Receiver

Guess who caught a pass in 
Saturday's Football game against Logan?
  Yep, you guessed it... #28!
 The cutest wide receiver to ever play the game!!

Way to go Cade!

Hair Dawg No More.

Hair Dawg.  
This has become my son's nickname 
in Football this season.

Well, guess what coach?
You'll have to switch it to "Intimidating Tanner" or 
"The Tan Man" or "Hands" or  
"Speed Demon T" or  - well you get the idea...

Because he is a Hair Dawg No More!!  

(I apologize in advance for this "BEFORE" shot. 
 Caden took it of himself this morning.  
Not the greatest shot, but it gives you idea 
of what his hair looked like before.)

Now he's a ROCK STAR!  

(Here he is jammin' out, because I told him 
he looked like a Rock Star)

Watch out all you 6th grade girls!
  Here comes one cool dude.

Yes, Yes.  A Rock Star Indeed. 

Washington Lake.

Ahhhh, Summer.  
I love it.  
I love it so much, that I would marry it, if it asked.  
(Don't tell Chad).  
And now, I can feel it slowly slipping away from me.  
Summer just isn't long enough!  
I guess my sunny memories will have to 
pull me through another Utah winter.  
And speaking of sunny memories -   

check out my boys swimming in Washington Lake!

and my four little bathing beauties.      

I can feel the mist of the Provo River Falls, can't you?

I can feel the sun shining down on me - 

and lighting up the faces of my little angels.  

I love you summer.  
Please don't ever leave me.

One Amazing Week in Cabo.

OK - everyone dig out their Van Halen CD - OU812 - and press play on the "Cabo Wabo" song.  Ready?  Ok Good.  Now, as you listen to the great Sammy Hagar sing about Cabo, 
please read on, about one amazing week in Los Cabos, Mexico.  

Our Amazing Resort.  
If I had to describe it in one word... 
Pure Luxury!  
OK, thats 2 words, but who's counting?  

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!  
(I am going to use the word amazing 
a lot in this post, so prepare yourself!)

Here we are, just chilling at the resort.  
I can't tell you the last time I just "chilled".
It was awesome.

Our first night, we went out to a Mexican Restaurant.  
Shocking, I know.  
But, for some reason they had Mexican Restaurants everywhere!  
We LOVED this mariachi band!  

This is the Beautiful Cabo San Lucas.  
I took this picture from our boat.  
If your listening to Sammy Hagar right now, 
like you are supposed to be doing,
he is saying (or, should I say singing) 
"Go there once, you'll be there twice!"

This is what they call "The Window to the Pacific".
From the Sea of Cortez, you can see through to the Pacific Ocean!

We passed so many amazingly beautiful 
private beaches and, so many caves!
I kept expecting Johnny Depp (Captain Jack) 
to come wandering out of one.    

Ahhhh... LAND'S END.  
What can I say?  Yep, you guessed it - AMAZING!
This is the very tip of the Baja Peninsula - Literally where land ends.

The Famous Land's End Arch.  
So Beautiful!  
I think it looks like a deer drinking out of the ocean.  
What do you think?

More shots from our Glass-Bottom Boat Ride.

This one looks like the Baja Peninsula Upside-Down.
Pretty cool, huh?

Kinda like Southern Utah with an Ocean.  
I could really go for that.

I guess that's why they describe Cabo as 
"Where the Desert meets the Sea".

Anyone feel like going for a swim?
I couldn't keep Chad out of the water!
He was lovin' the big waves and snorkeling.

Here we are at "Lover's Beach".
It's right out by Land's End.  
You have to get dropped here from a boat, 
and then they come back later to pick you up.
"2 get dropped off, 3 get picked up" they would say.

This is Divorce Beach.  
We tried not to stay here too long...

Look at those lonely footprints on Divorce Beach.  
That poor guy.  He must have stayed here a little too long.  
OK- just kidding.  Those are Chad's prints in the sand.  
He was out there playing in the ocean on those massive rocks.

And, of course you cannot fully experience Cabo 
without a stop at the Cabo Wabo!
(You're still listening to Sammy right?!)
Too bad he wasn't right behind us on stage rockin' it out!

The more I look at this picture, 
the more I see Chad bracing for the hammock 
to break under the strain of our weight. 
Too many chips and salsa during the week, I guess!  
Time to hit the gym.  Or not.

The last night of our awesome adventure together.

Thanks for sharing our AMAZING 
(promise that's the last time I use that word)  
Cabo memories with us.  
Can't wait to get back.
Wanna go?

Happy Birthday To You!

Dear Jordan, 
15 years ago today, the Lord blessed us with an amazing little soul.
I can't believe how fast the time goes.  
I am the luckiest mother on the planet to have you as my first born.  
I love you more than words can say.
Happy, Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, sweet, funny, 
musical, artist, multi-talented, smart, 
German-speaking, darling, fun, best friend.  
We love you!!
Hurry home from camp, will ya?!
We miss you!

Our Summer Project.

So, do you wanna see what my SuperMan hubby has been up to this summer?  Those of you that know Chad, know that he loves a good project, and it seems like he is always involved in one.  Once he gets an idea, well, there is usually no stopping him.  He is an amazingly hard worker and can do anything!  Yes, I know, I am a lucky girl! - but, back to the summer project...  Our Master Bathroom.  

Here's how it started.  Chad's dad called us one day and said that he had a stack of beautiful slate and thought maybe we would want it.  Chad, of course, says "sure we would love it."  Now, what to do with it?  "How about our master bathroom?" he says.  "I can take out that little shower and make more room for your vanity and I can turn our tub into a shower and slate the walls."  "Hmmm.... sounds like a lot of work" I reply.  Work?!  Has that ever stopped him before?  No, Chad is most definitely not afraid of work.  But he's busy!  And, I wasn't sure how long I wanted to be without a bathroom!  But, I knew it would be amazing when it was finished, so I agreed and off we went.     
The Bathroom Before...

Not too bad really.  
Just a little crowded with that separate shower.

Not much room for me to blow dry and beautify.

A lot of broken space and kinda plain Jane.

Here it is after Chad ripped out the floor 
and shower and some walls...
(with help from our awesome brother-in-law Art 
who brought his demolition kit 
and who seemed to me, a little too excited to demolish!...)   :)   
Thanks Art!!

And so it began.  
Chad spent many, many, many hours 
working on the plumbing, 
made many, many trips to the plumbing store, 
and did I mention? -  did A LOT of plumbing work!!!!

Chad does beautiful ceilings!  
Here is our new ceiling primed and ready to paint...

Here is a shot of my new, much longer counter top.  
And, you can see where the big mirror will go!

Oh boy... the day we glazed the walls... 
what can I say about it...
horrible, awful, terrible, hard, frustrating...
you get the idea.  
It wasn't the best day, but we finally figured out 
a technique that we liked the look of, 
and that would show off Chad's 
awesome texture on the walls.  
But, I can tell you that I will not 
be glazing any walls anytime soon...
If you are about to do it, 
well good luck to ya!  
You'll need it.

After about a 10 hour day of glazing, 
wiping it off, trying it a million different ways, 
here is what our walls ended up looking like. 
 It was exactly the look we had visualized.  
And now, 
after 2 months of construction and living in chaos, 
I would like to present to you...
Our new and improved Master Bathroom!

Quite a change huh?

Look at all that space!

Chad does amazing work.
I know, I know!!  I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL!