Our Summer Project.

So, do you wanna see what my SuperMan hubby has been up to this summer?  Those of you that know Chad, know that he loves a good project, and it seems like he is always involved in one.  Once he gets an idea, well, there is usually no stopping him.  He is an amazingly hard worker and can do anything!  Yes, I know, I am a lucky girl! - but, back to the summer project...  Our Master Bathroom.  

Here's how it started.  Chad's dad called us one day and said that he had a stack of beautiful slate and thought maybe we would want it.  Chad, of course, says "sure we would love it."  Now, what to do with it?  "How about our master bathroom?" he says.  "I can take out that little shower and make more room for your vanity and I can turn our tub into a shower and slate the walls."  "Hmmm.... sounds like a lot of work" I reply.  Work?!  Has that ever stopped him before?  No, Chad is most definitely not afraid of work.  But he's busy!  And, I wasn't sure how long I wanted to be without a bathroom!  But, I knew it would be amazing when it was finished, so I agreed and off we went.     
The Bathroom Before...

Not too bad really.  
Just a little crowded with that separate shower.

Not much room for me to blow dry and beautify.

A lot of broken space and kinda plain Jane.

Here it is after Chad ripped out the floor 
and shower and some walls...
(with help from our awesome brother-in-law Art 
who brought his demolition kit 
and who seemed to me, a little too excited to demolish!...)   :)   
Thanks Art!!

And so it began.  
Chad spent many, many, many hours 
working on the plumbing, 
made many, many trips to the plumbing store, 
and did I mention? -  did A LOT of plumbing work!!!!

Chad does beautiful ceilings!  
Here is our new ceiling primed and ready to paint...

Here is a shot of my new, much longer counter top.  
And, you can see where the big mirror will go!

Oh boy... the day we glazed the walls... 
what can I say about it...
horrible, awful, terrible, hard, frustrating...
you get the idea.  
It wasn't the best day, but we finally figured out 
a technique that we liked the look of, 
and that would show off Chad's 
awesome texture on the walls.  
But, I can tell you that I will not 
be glazing any walls anytime soon...
If you are about to do it, 
well good luck to ya!  
You'll need it.

After about a 10 hour day of glazing, 
wiping it off, trying it a million different ways, 
here is what our walls ended up looking like. 
 It was exactly the look we had visualized.  
And now, 
after 2 months of construction and living in chaos, 
I would like to present to you...
Our new and improved Master Bathroom!

Quite a change huh?

Look at all that space!

Chad does amazing work.
I know, I know!!  I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL!


Megan said...

WOW! I love it! Chad did a great job! :)

cathy said...

Wow-can I just say amazing Chad!!! I love it-the colors the texture, slate , everything! Good job! Now would you come out here to Pittsburgh and work on my home?

'Ole Lisa said...

Chad is an amazing man! He did a great job and I love the glazing. Hey, it may have taken forever and several different tries, but it was worth it, right?! There is nothing like a finished remodeling job! Enjoy your new space.

B and Matty said...

Nice!! You are making Matt & I want to re-do our bathrooms. Really great job you guys!!

Adelle and Cord said...

great job. do you charge by the hour if i want to come relax?