Santa Maria Beach.

So you know what's so great about having good friends?  
They go on adventures with you...

Like Beautiful Santa Maria Beach in Mexico...

And they let you take their picture...

A LOT...

And they never complain about it...

Not one little bit.

Jen and Greg.

OK, so we were lucky enough to share our Cabo adventure 
with some of our very best friends Jen and Greg, 
who also happened to be celebrating their wedding anniversary too!
Happy Anniversary you guys!
Thanks for the memories!
Anyway, you know me, always snapping pictures...
I loved this one of them on the beach.  
I will be putting up more of Jen and Greg soon, 
and yes, maybe I will squeeze in some of me and Chad too... 
(I know you are just dying to see more of my trip right?)  
Thats what I thought!   
Happy Summer Everyone!

Where the Desert meets the Sea...

Chad and I just spent a week together in a 
luxurious resort in Los Cabos, Mexico 
for our 16th wedding anniversary.  
Can you say HEAVEN?!  
What an amazing week... 
I'll post more pictures of our adventure soon!    

Reflections of Christ.

A friend of mine sent me this link in an email, 
and I loved it so much that I had to share!  
It is a slideshow made from photographs 
about the life of Jesus Christ.  
The photography work is absolutely beautiful.  
I had to keep reminding myself that these were photographs, not paintings!
  Very moving and most definitely worth watching!  

Here is the explanation:

For many years the Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has had exhibits on the temple grounds during the Easter season.  This year, there was also a 'Reflections of Christ' photography exhibit in the Visitor's Center.  The photographer was given permission to photograph Pageant cast members for the exhibit.  They traveled to various locations in Arizona that the photographer felt looked like the places in Israel where the events took place and recreated the scenes.  The photographer worked with a few other individuals to put together a 5 minute slideshow which includes every image from the exhibit set to the hymn 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.'  Just remember when you're watching the video that the photographs are real, they aren't paintings.  Incredible!  Remember to maximize the video so you can see it full screen.  You can expand the screen to fit your entire computer screen for a better view by clicking on the lower right hand square icon (next to the volume).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!


A Sister is a Forever Friend.
  I should know... I have 3 of them.  
How does anyone make it through life without a sister?  
I am so grateful for these 2 little sisters in our family!

Ryli, Kali and big sister Madi.

I had the pleasure of photographing these darling little twins, and their big sis (who happen to also be my nieces.)  How lucky of an aunt am I?!  So cute and smiley!  (and wiggly!)  These girls are miracles... born at 1 pound each!  Now, celebrating their 1 year birthday.  AMAZING.  
We are so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives!  
Here are a few from the shoot.  
Happy Summer!

Meet the Beautiful Kylee.

Here is a teaser from Kylee's Bridal Shoot on Monday.  
Her shots turned out so good, but, how could they not 
with such a beautiful girl and amazing surroundings?  
Stay tuned for more of Kylee...
(remember you can click on the picture to enlarge!)

Shaye's Photo Shoot.

OK - so what on earth do you do, when every shot is your favorite?  
Shaye is a natural born model 
(or, she has grown up with a mom who has 
had  a camera in her face since day one)... 
either way, she is perfectly delicious.  
Here are a few for you to see!  Enjoy!

Sneek Peak.

Here is a teaser from my photo shoot with Shaye... 
And yes, that is her real eye color!!!!  
I'll finish uploading and share some more with you soon!  
Isn't she amazing?!  Yes she is.  

Happy 4th of July!

Caden... Finally!

OK, so Cade has been asking me and asking me 
when I am going to "blog" him!  
Soon, I would say, Soon!  
But, you know how life goes with 4 kids and a crazy schedule... 
but today, finally, I am blogging all about my Birthday Boy Cade!!!  
Here you go Cade - This is for you!  
I love you to death and thanks for always being so patient with me!  

Amazing, Smart, Energetic, Funny, Kind, Excellent at Rock Band, Energetic
Creative, Fun, Thinks Big, Sports Fanatic, Darling with little sis Shaye
Adventurous, Computer Genius & did I mention Energetic?

Happy Birthday to my little friend who is growing up so fast!
What a FUN day we had yesterday.  You Rock.

Schedule of Birthday Events:
1.  Pick up best friend Matt.
2.  Go to Dad's office.
3.  Play on Dad's cool dual screen computer.
4.  IM Ryan.
5.  Shopping at Guitar Center for a Drum Set.
6.  Chili's for lunch.
7.  A Molten Chocolate Cake Dessert at Chili's for my B-day!  YUM.
8.  Take Dad back to work.
9.  Head to Fat Cats and Bowling!
10.  Hit the arcade.
11.  Win 400! tickets on Deal or No Deal!
12. Buy a Football Gum ball Machine for my room with all my tickets.
13.  Head home and Play, Play, Play.
14.  Finish off with some pizza for dinner and a slurpie.
15.  Go to bed thinking this was the best birthday ever.

Libby and Natalie.

These 2 little cuties hate the camera!  
They are so cute and smiley all the time, 
and then I go and turn a camera on them and instantly... no more smiles!
It was so funny!!  Even still, we got some great shots.
Here are a few favorites.