Caden... Finally!

OK, so Cade has been asking me and asking me 
when I am going to "blog" him!  
Soon, I would say, Soon!  
But, you know how life goes with 4 kids and a crazy schedule... 
but today, finally, I am blogging all about my Birthday Boy Cade!!!  
Here you go Cade - This is for you!  
I love you to death and thanks for always being so patient with me!  

Amazing, Smart, Energetic, Funny, Kind, Excellent at Rock Band, Energetic
Creative, Fun, Thinks Big, Sports Fanatic, Darling with little sis Shaye
Adventurous, Computer Genius & did I mention Energetic?

Happy Birthday to my little friend who is growing up so fast!
What a FUN day we had yesterday.  You Rock.

Schedule of Birthday Events:
1.  Pick up best friend Matt.
2.  Go to Dad's office.
3.  Play on Dad's cool dual screen computer.
4.  IM Ryan.
5.  Shopping at Guitar Center for a Drum Set.
6.  Chili's for lunch.
7.  A Molten Chocolate Cake Dessert at Chili's for my B-day!  YUM.
8.  Take Dad back to work.
9.  Head to Fat Cats and Bowling!
10.  Hit the arcade.
11.  Win 400! tickets on Deal or No Deal!
12. Buy a Football Gum ball Machine for my room with all my tickets.
13.  Head home and Play, Play, Play.
14.  Finish off with some pizza for dinner and a slurpie.
15.  Go to bed thinking this was the best birthday ever.

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