A Mummy with Integrity.

 (Some of my Young Women at the Temple)

This past summer, I was called to be the Young Women President in my ward.  I have loved it so much!  I can't believe how busy it is...  and how much fun we have had...  and how much I have learned...  and how much I have grown... already in these short 3 months!  I feel so lucky to be around such amazing teenage girls, who are facing so much temptation and adversity in their lives.  They are such strong, beautiful girls!

Recently we had a "VALUE" Trick-or-treat activity.  We went around to all the leaders homes and had short lessons on all the different Young Women values.  At my house, I taught about Integrity.  Every value has a color associated with it, as well.  Integrity's color is purple.  So, for my treat, I wanted to include something HALLOWEEN and something PURPLE.  Here is what I did:  Purple Mummy's!


(I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs!)

I know you don't usually see mummy's that are purple...  And they kind of turned out looking like Arabian bandits instead of mummy's...  Ha Ha!  But, I thought they turned out kinda freaky, and kinda cute!  The girls LOVED them and so did my own kids.  My daughters were thrilled to have a scary drink in their lunch boxes the next day!  (There is a purple Gatorade under the mummy wrappings).  And thank goodness for my superman Chad who helped me wrap all of these! 

I also gave the girls a little scroll, tied up with a purple spider.  It went along with my message about integrity.  Having integrity - (being honest and having strong moral principles) is probably the greatest character trait we can have, don't you think?

Inside my scroll:
And avoid getting caught in a web of lies.

I am striving to be a mummy with integrity!  And I am striving to raise children who have integrity and honor, who are honest, trustworthy, fair, and who have strong moral values.  Hope you are having a Happy Halloween week! 

Feeling Creative.

I have been in such a creative mood lately!  My mind and body just want to create, create, create.  I have channeled some of that energy into redesigning and refreshing my blog!  I am loving my new look!  What do you think?  I am hoping to change up my flash header with new pics of my kids at every season.  Wouldn't that be lovely?

I also spent some of my weekend planting 300 spring bulbs into my front gardens.  Oh boy, I can't wait for spring!  My yard will be blooming with crocuses, tulips, daffodils and irises.

I am in such a nesting mood as well.  It must have something to do with the temperature dropping and the looming winter ahead.  The yard is almost winterized.  We have pulled out all the garden plants and put down our winter fertilizer.  The last few days, it has rained and rained.  This new cold weather has led me to:  turn on my heater, curl up in a blanket and watch some epic movies, make fall treats (so far we have devoured: chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, caramel apples and caramel popcorn - yum.), pull out my favorite sweaters and boots, and decorate my house for the holidays.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was FULL of inspiration.  I just love Sundays, don't you?

And here is a good example of why you should (or shouldn't) leave your camera out for your 13 year old son to find.  You never know what you will see when you download your pics...

Happy Monday!

Girls + Bikes.

I posted a few from my Girls + Bikes photo shoot!
Click HERE to see!

Are you ready for some football?

Don't you LOVE fall?
Caden does!
Wanna know why?  Yep.  Football.
Its his life, his love, his heart and soul.
Something I can't quite understand...
but nevertheless, we support him and his dreams 
to one day play for the University of Florida and then onto the NFL
so here we are again -  
another season of football!

I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much he LOVES it!
I love that he puts in hours and hours and hours practicing.
I love that he trains his body so hard that every night he comes home sore and bruised.
(He gets ripped too, you should see his six pack!  Me=jealous.)
I love seeing him in his uniform (so dang cute!) and I love watching him play!
I am one proud mama.

The hate part - worrying he might get hurt.
Yes - Me=protective mama! 

Here he is - #2.
And yes ~ he is as tall as his coach!

He has had some really hard hits and amazing blocks!

He plays wide receiver.  He has had some great catches!

And some great runs!

Wide receiver!

Caden Tanner 
Weber Warriors
Wide Receiver

My (not so) little Man!

Are you ready for some football?