Are you ready for some football?

Don't you LOVE fall?
Caden does!
Wanna know why?  Yep.  Football.
Its his life, his love, his heart and soul.
Something I can't quite understand...
but nevertheless, we support him and his dreams 
to one day play for the University of Florida and then onto the NFL
so here we are again -  
another season of football!

I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much he LOVES it!
I love that he puts in hours and hours and hours practicing.
I love that he trains his body so hard that every night he comes home sore and bruised.
(He gets ripped too, you should see his six pack!  Me=jealous.)
I love seeing him in his uniform (so dang cute!) and I love watching him play!
I am one proud mama.

The hate part - worrying he might get hurt.
Yes - Me=protective mama! 

Here he is - #2.
And yes ~ he is as tall as his coach!

He has had some really hard hits and amazing blocks!

He plays wide receiver.  He has had some great catches!

And some great runs!

Wide receiver!

Caden Tanner 
Weber Warriors
Wide Receiver

My (not so) little Man!

Are you ready for some football?


~adelle said...

What a cute little, well not so little, guy! Way to play K-9. Can't believe how busy this fall was. I didn't even get to one game! Shame on us. I hope to see you on T one day! :)

Jorgensen Family Blog said...

Did Adelle ever tell you how good Cord was at Football? I made him and entire scrapbook of all of the news paper clippings, and pictures my dad took, and things collected from his Senior year. You'll have to tell Adelle to break it out sometime! But, as the protective sister....I too was worried all the time that Cord would get hurt.'s tough. He totally enjoyed every minute of it though. And I actually made it to EVERY game that year. Just to watch Cord play of course. Good luck to Caden!!! I hope all of his dreams come true :)