Easter Egg Hunting.

My Mom and Dad's Easter Egg Hunt is such a great tradition.  
All the kids love it and look forward to it!  

  Stay tuned for more Easter pics from 
our hunt the next day at Nana's!  

My Easter Punks.

More coming soon from all the festivities last weekend!

Dennis Family Fun.

I know everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats 
to find out more about the night this picture was taken, right?
It is actually one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.
Why?  Because it tells such a great story.

The pictures in this post all tell the story of a night out 
spent with brothers and sisters, and mom and dad.
Together.  As a family.  As best friends.  
Singing karaoke, having fun and making memories.

This picture tells the story of a brother and a sister and a dad.
3 non-drinkers with a huge Budweiser sign behind us.
Hilarious.  (If you know us, it's pretty funny.)  
Life is fun with these two around.
They are getting ready for the birth of their first baby.
We can't wait!

And these next photos tell the story of us - 
people who love music - who love to sing - 
and who love to pretend that they are rock stars. 

This was my awesome date for the night.

Our karaoke host really loved our table.
Probably because we were the only ones in the place...

Yes, that is a giant fish hanging from the ceiling.  

We all enjoyed some delicious Mexican food,
and for dessert we shared this triple chocolate cake.
Art is so mesmerized by it, he goes into a chocolate trance for a second.
Yep, it was that good.
So there you have it.
Some Dennis Family Fun.  
Mexican food.  Karaoke.  Laughter.
Beer Signs.  A Giant Fish.  
A Triple Chocolate Cake. 
It doesn't get much better than this.

1 day old.

Dear Jace,
Welcome to the world!
I have been so excited to meet you!
We all feel so blessed to have you in our family.
Your birth brought so much joy.
You are such a little twin to your big brother.
You are precious and sweet.
Can't wait until I get to see you again!
Auntie Jen

Last Night.

A little sneak peek at last night's adventure.  
More coming soon...

Good News.

Good News!
If my little man doesn't make it in the NFL,
then his back up plan is the NBA.

Nothing wrong with keeping your options open!

Dear Hawaii.

Dear Hawaii,
I miss you.
I miss your warmth and beauty.  
I think about you all the time.
I hear you calling my name.
I can't wait until I see you again.
It has been too long.
xo xo xo

Jennifer's shots.

Adelle and I were shooting some little video clips for a company's website 
last friday and Jennifer is their model/spokesperson.  
The company wanted some still shots 
of her for their site too.  Here are a few pics from that session.
 She is a natural and really nice to work with!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!