Dear Hawaii.

Dear Hawaii,
I miss you.
I miss your warmth and beauty.  
I think about you all the time.
I hear you calling my name.
I can't wait until I see you again.
It has been too long.
xo xo xo


~adelle said...

Dear hawaii,
We have never met, but I know we would get along just great. Jenny and I will come see you soon. (She has told me all about you.) We are working on getting our shoulders looking nice so we can lay on your sandy beaches feeling confident in our swimming suits. I can't wait to see you.

Until we meet,

I'm Jenny said...

I LOVE YOU ADELLE! You are just awesome. :)

holly said...


ps- I love your new header.

The Darleys said...

cute jen, I love your artistic flair, I'm not that brave...yet (to share my heart stuff on the blog) Love your pics of Adelle and her kids. One day...And, I have some cute pictures of you and Shaye snow shoeing. :) Can't wait to see your pictures of Sedona--now I've decided I have to go there. Lance thinks I'm crazy.