Jenica & Chad Groomals Sneak Peek.

Just editing some "Groomals" I shot last month.  Groomals (bridals and groom shots together) are the new thing... take most of your wedding pictures before the wedding day.  (I love the idea.  It makes your wedding day more about the experience and less about the photos!!)  But I know some people still think you should not see each other dressed up until "the day".  Jenica decided against a traditional white gown and I thought they looked beautiful!  I loved this shot.  There will be more to come.  P.S.  I hate that fact that my photos never look as beautiful when I convert for the web and put them up on the blog.  You should see this one on my screen.  It is amazing...   (you can click on the photo to enlarge).

Cindee & Art's Winter Shoot.

Had to share these darling pics from my shoot with my cute sister Cindee and her hubby Art.  I  love shooting in the snow!  It is so fun and different!  They put these pics on their Christmas cards and also gave them as gifts this Christmas.  Their dog Mojo is their one and only baby - until they made a special announcement on Christmas Eve... yea!  I can't wait for September!  Congratulations you two!  I love ya both to death!

Be of Good Cheer.

I came across this quote today,
 and loved it and wanted to share it!
  Hope everyone is having a very cheerful holiday season!

"The Lord does not say, 'Be of good cheer if the temperature is comfortable, if you're getting along well economically, if the people you love, love you, if you're in good health, or if your 'bio-rythms' are up.'  The Lord said that we should "Be of good cheer."  It is not a suggestion, it is a commandment.  There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between being cheerful and reaping the richest spiritual blessings."  
-Elder Joe J. Christensen

Our Christmas Ball

This Christmas Season, my cute sis Adelle had an idea.  "Let's have a party." she said.  "Not just any party, though.  A party where we can all get dressed up and go out dancing!"  "Let's throw a Christmas Ball!"  That is where this story begins.  A grand idea that blossomed into a fun and magical night.  With the help of my amazing family and some great friends, we were not only able to get together to eat, laugh, dance, sing and enjoy the holiday spirit together, but we were also able to raise a lot of money to benefit the children of the Angel Tree Charity.  

We had a lot of entertainment at the Ball.
This is my cutie teenager.
  He played the guitar for the crowd.  
  He was amazing.

Here are the proud parents of that cutie teenager.
We have a lot of fun together.

This little sweetie is a special joy to me!
There is just something about your little sister's baby.
Those of you who have a little sister with a baby, 
know what I am talking about.
She has my heart!

The music was amazing and we all had so much fun 
out on the dance floor!

And look at this handsome little man!
May I have this dance?  

Chad even got to squeeze in one little cat nap.
Those 16 hour days were hitting him hard!

My mom made all the grand-daughters a Ball Gown. 
Every little Princess needs a gown, right?
(I know.  I have an amazing Mom.)

And my little Darlings looked beautiful.  

Of course, the night would not have been complete 
without hearing a song from my sister Cindee.  
She treated us all to some beautiful performances.  
WOW that girl can sing!!

To see the rest of my photos from the Dennis Family Christmas Charity Ball click here.  And, to see more about how we helped the Angel Tree Children, check out our Ball Blog.  And if you still want more, check out these photos we took of our guests in the Cathedral at the Ball.  A huge THANK YOU to all who attended and gave generously.  We loved spending the evening with you.  If you missed it, we hope to see you next year!  IT WAS A BALL!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

12 Days of Christmas Merging.

Chad has had an insane couple of months at work.  The Credit Union bought out Intermountain Credit Union and put Chad and his department in charge of the merger.  He started out with about 12 employees and by the end of the merger, he had around 80 working for him.  He was putting in 16 hour days, 7 days a week.  He would get home after we had all gone to bed, and leave just shortly after we were all up in the morning.  We missed him a lot!  I honestly don't know how he did it!  It was hard on him, but he never complained.  According to his version of the 12 days of Christmas, i guess you could not say the same thing about me...   

On the 1st day of Merging my true love said to me...

Good luck, have fun

On the 2nd day of Merging my true love said to me...

I will bring you dinner

On the 3rd day of Merging my true love said to me...

Don’t work too hard

On the 4th day of Merging my true love said to me...

I sure miss you

On the 5th day of Merging my true love said to me...

Your dinners in the fridge

On the 6th day of Merging my true love said to me...

The kids are going crazy

On the 7th day of Merging my true love said to me...

The house is a wreck

On the 8th day of Merging my true love said to me...

I am going shopping

On the 9th day of Merging my true love said to me...

Fend for your self

On the 10th day of Merging my true love said to me...

I’ve planned a trip to Maui

On the 11th day of Merging my true love said to me...

No, you’re not invited

On the 12th day of Merging my true love said to me...

Good luck, have fun

I will bring you dinner

Don’t work too hard

I sure miss you

Your dinners in the fridge

The kids are going crazy

The house is a wreck

I am going shopping

Fend for your self

I’ve planned a trip to Maui

No, you’re not invited

Take back your ring!!!

Ok - the take back your ring part is a little over the top.  I did not say that!  But I might be guilty with everything else...  What can I say?  I am used to having him around!  He is a huge help to me!  I am a lucky girl.  By the way - the merger turned out to be a huge success because of my Superman husband.  He is getting huge praises and accolades from everyone - Credit Union wide.  

I am so proud of him!    

A Night To Remember.

Last month, before Chad's job got absolutely insane, 
he was able to take our little man out for a fun night, 
just the two of them.  It's important, don't you think, 
to have those one on one experiences with your Dad?
I know the few times that I had my Dad alone,
paying attention to me and only me, 
are some of my most treasured experiences!
(It didn't happen too often - I am one of 7 children
but when it did, I felt really special!)
So off they went, to have some fun together! 

Chad took him to a Jazz Game.  
Their 2nd row tickets included a fancy candlelight dinner.  

I am so proud.  
He was even brave enough to try his first crab leg.
(He hated it, by the way.)  What can I say?  
He takes after his mom.

And much to our little man's enjoyment
the Jazz Bear was hanging out at the dinner.
Chad said the Jazz Bear kept taking Cade's hat 
and ruffling up his hair.  
Cade and the Jazz Bear are old friends.
When Cade was in 2nd Grade, the Bear picked him up 
and carried him across the stage at an awards show we were attending. 
They have been buddies ever since.
Here's what second row at the game looks like.  
Wow.  So much different than up in the nosebleed sections!


The private snack bar was open to them  
all during the game for unlimited soda's and snacks.
The Jazz Bear found where they were sitting 
and continued his playing and pestering.
I think Cade was loving every minute of it!

Yes, I definitely think this will be a fun memory for the 2 of them,
and I can't wait to see what their next adventure together brings.  

A Country Christmas.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


My son grabbed his friend's jacket and 
came into my office looking all GQ - like.  
He was doing it to be funny, but I thought he looked totally awesome, 
so I made him give me a GQ pose for my camera.  

Guess we better get him an agent, because I'm 
thinking that Hollywood will be calling any minute...
Wow, my boy is cute.

Harmony, Tyler and Abby.

I have had so much fun with my family shoots this fall!  
Here are (get ready to scroll down for a while...) 
some shots from my shoot with Harmony, Tyler and little Abby.  
I am really lovin' how they turned out!  
Super nice people and darling little girl!  Thanks you guys!!

Sneek Peek.

More awesomeness to come from this darling little family shoot!

Harvest time.

Chad loves to grow things.
He has such a green thumb.
I know what you're thinking...
Is there anything he can't do?
I know, I am a lucky girl.
I have a hubby who loves to garden.  
Just look at his carrot and pepper harvest.

I can already taste the delicious soups, 
salsas and stuffed peppers, 
can't you?
(which of course Chad will be making).
(yes, he cooks too).

Wait a minute, what is that?
OK maybe his gardening skills could use some work.
Anyone know how to prevent deformed carrots?

And, uh, we might need some fertilizer.

Although, these little guys are quite cute,
 wouldn't you say?
Maybe there is a market out there for 
miniature veggies.  Think they'd sell?
Why do you laugh?
I know someone who loves miniature things, 
but I won't name names.
(*cough* adelle)

Happy Harvesting.

Jen and Scott.

December 1st already!  Wow!  Where is the time going?  Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.  I did!  Like most of you, I have been super busy, but I have managed to squeeze in lots of fun, too!  Here are a few of my favs of Jen and Scott (from Lisa's shoot).  They are so cute.  I did their wedding video last year.  Enjoy!