Jenica & Chad Groomals Sneak Peek.

Just editing some "Groomals" I shot last month.  Groomals (bridals and groom shots together) are the new thing... take most of your wedding pictures before the wedding day.  (I love the idea.  It makes your wedding day more about the experience and less about the photos!!)  But I know some people still think you should not see each other dressed up until "the day".  Jenica decided against a traditional white gown and I thought they looked beautiful!  I loved this shot.  There will be more to come.  P.S.  I hate that fact that my photos never look as beautiful when I convert for the web and put them up on the blog.  You should see this one on my screen.  It is amazing...   (you can click on the photo to enlarge).


Shanda said...

Hi jenni this is Shanda (Laughter) Butterfield. You are an amazing photographer!! WOW. Your fam is so adorable too!

thefamilythatplaystogether said...

Jen, I loooove this picture. You're amazing!