Cindee & Art's Winter Shoot.

Had to share these darling pics from my shoot with my cute sister Cindee and her hubby Art.  I  love shooting in the snow!  It is so fun and different!  They put these pics on their Christmas cards and also gave them as gifts this Christmas.  Their dog Mojo is their one and only baby - until they made a special announcement on Christmas Eve... yea!  I can't wait for September!  Congratulations you two!  I love ya both to death!


Adelle and Cord said...

whoot woo! (that is a whistle.)

cute couple.

cute dog.

cute 'little bean' that will soon be my little niece or nephew. YEAH!

Art and Cindee Tarsha said...

hahaha TOTALLY! Its not even the size of a pinto bean yet.. just a little embryonic chiller growing rapidly. I tell you this much, this is one lucky little embryo (man I have some crude humor) to be coming into a family with such cool aunties and uncs.