My son grabbed his friend's jacket and 
came into my office looking all GQ - like.  
He was doing it to be funny, but I thought he looked totally awesome, 
so I made him give me a GQ pose for my camera.  

Guess we better get him an agent, because I'm 
thinking that Hollywood will be calling any minute...
Wow, my boy is cute.


Adelle and Cord said...

SUPERSTAR! Sweet outfit!

Adelle and Cord said...

Jen, you have to do a little thing called, "ASK." That is what I do. I just ask for things. I have always wanted that picture of Grandpas. I loved it as a kid. It is sooooooo Christmasy to me. So, that is what I asked for when he passed.
And I guess mom figured that since I am always the one who comes over to put up the Christmas Village, I may as well set it up at my own house. :) It pays to help people decorate.

By the way, really like your tree...hint hint. :)