Hair Dawg No More.

Hair Dawg.  
This has become my son's nickname 
in Football this season.

Well, guess what coach?
You'll have to switch it to "Intimidating Tanner" or 
"The Tan Man" or "Hands" or  
"Speed Demon T" or  - well you get the idea...

Because he is a Hair Dawg No More!!  

(I apologize in advance for this "BEFORE" shot. 
 Caden took it of himself this morning.  
Not the greatest shot, but it gives you idea 
of what his hair looked like before.)

Now he's a ROCK STAR!  

(Here he is jammin' out, because I told him 
he looked like a Rock Star)

Watch out all you 6th grade girls!
  Here comes one cool dude.

Yes, Yes.  A Rock Star Indeed. 

1 comment:

Adelle and Cord said...

So Darn CUTE! Go Rock Star. I think maybe Caden might need to watch out cuz he is gonna have a lot of girls chasing after him!!!

(Your Welcome. I hope the wedding was awesome. I am sure it is going to be great.)