Washington Lake.

Ahhhh, Summer.  
I love it.  
I love it so much, that I would marry it, if it asked.  
(Don't tell Chad).  
And now, I can feel it slowly slipping away from me.  
Summer just isn't long enough!  
I guess my sunny memories will have to 
pull me through another Utah winter.  
And speaking of sunny memories -   

check out my boys swimming in Washington Lake!

and my four little bathing beauties.      

I can feel the mist of the Provo River Falls, can't you?

I can feel the sun shining down on me - 

and lighting up the faces of my little angels.  

I love you summer.  
Please don't ever leave me.


'Ole Lisa said...

What filter do you have on your camera? I love the softness and it really brings out the blue tones. You have such a good eye for the shots too.

Jennifer M. said...

I'm with ya! Let's move to paradise somewhere -K-. I love the beautiful pictures. I wish we could have been there with ya!