Hiking Mt. Ogden.

Hiking is one of my most FAVORITE things in the world!
I did not get to do it enough this past summer and fall.
Note to self:  HIKE MORE NEXT YEAR!

Our hike up and over Mt. Ogden was amazing.

We had a bird's eye view - it reminded me of looking down from an airplane.

Blood sisters?  Or sisters-in-law?
What's your guess?

Sisters-in-law!  She belongs to my brother Matt.
But we look like we could be blood sisters and I love her to death!
Me standing triumphantly at the top! 
That is Ogden Valley and PineView behind me in the background. 

My hiking party!  - 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 amazing mom and Debbie!
Beautiful Snow Basin Lodge.  One of the most GORGEOUS places in Utah.
It reminds me so much of Switzerland!

And we finished it off with a ride down the other side of the mountain on the gondolas.
It was a beautiful, rewarding, perfect, amazing experience!
Can't wait till next time.


~adelle said...

that already feels like last year! :) fun hike. fun peeps.

'Ole Lisa said...

Love the pics! I need to make that hike as I have NEVER done it. Can you believe it!