Jordan, the Great.

A few pics from Jordan's shoot...
He doesn't like getting his pic taken.
I have to bribe him or threaten to take his phone.
(Texting is his life).  
(Anyone else with teenagers will understand).
He hates it even worse when I put him up on the blog.
But, hey, I'm his mom.  
It's my job to embarrass him, right?
He really is one GREAT kid, 
(who said teenagers were hard?)
and we are lucky to have him under our roof...
texting and all.


'Ole Lisa said...

The apple did NOT fall from the daddy tree! Can you say, Chad?! He IS a cutie!

Jennifer M. said...

Keep shewen those girls away!!

Adelle and Cord said...

Very Cute Jordan. :) I hope my girls are as good as you are when they are in High School...

You are every mom's dream!!!

Love ya!