2 Sista Friends.

I know, I know.  
I'm caucasian.  
I can't pull off saying "Sista Friend."
But hey, you can't blame a sista for tryin'!!

Speakin' of Sista's:
I had to shout out a big THANKS 
to 2 of mine.

Meet Brooke.
She married my brother Matt.
She's a rockin' photographer.
She's quite awesome.
THANK YOU Brooke for sharing 
your awesomeness with me!!  
You Rock.

Meet Adelle.
She is not married to my brother Matt.
(because let's face it, that would just be wrong and weird.)
She's a SuperMom of 2 darling girls
 and is quite brilliant in everything she does.
THANK YOU Adelle for sharing your 
SuperMomness with my little Shaye!
You Rock.


Adelle and Cord said...

Who rocks the house?
I say Adelle Rocks the house,
and when Adelle Rocks the house
she rocks it all the way down.

Just kidding. I will watch Shaye anytime. She is very cute!

Love ya too!

Brooke said...

You are welcome "Sista Friend". Very funny. I was laughing pretty hard reading this post. You are very kind. I can't wait to see some of the pics from your shoot.

Brooke said...

Adelle, hilarious. You do rock the house.