Puppy Love.

Meet Coach.  
He is a new part of our family.
He was a birthday gift for my Dad.  

He loves coming over to our house to play with the kids!

He loves playing tag.  He is always "it".

He also loves to chew.
Especially on fingers and pants.

Puppy Love.  
We are all suffering from it right now!


Jennifer M. said...

What a cute puppy! I'm sure the kids love him!

~adelle said...

Oh you got some awesome pics of that cute little dog. Those are totally magazine photos!!! What a cute little puppy...

I'm Jenny said...

ha ha. thanks adelle! did you survive having him for a week? he is so cute!! i bet dad was excited to see him!

Evans' Family said...

Jenny...what great pictures. I got to meet the new puppy a week ago when I stopped by your parents house to pick-up a hair bow for Libby for the cousin pictures. He is a cute puppy. Your dad was excited to show me his birthday present.

BTW...thank you so much for the cute pictures you took for our families. You are very talented!

'Ole Lisa said...

What breed of dog is he? He is a cutie. You and Chad did a great job on Sunday and you did very well holding it together. We are blessed mothers of wonderful children, aren't we?!