Addicted Again.

OK I admit it.
  I have been sucked in.  
I am now addicted once again, to Twilight.  
I saw the movie last weekend, and LOVED it.  
I'm already wanting to see it again!
I loved reading the books, and I was afraid the movie 
just wouldn't live up (the movies are usually never as good as the books), 
but overall, I would say they did a pretty amazing job at bringing it to life!  
The actors played their characters really well 
(with the exception of Jasper... I didn't love how he was portrayed).  
Bella was perfect, and Edward (much to my surprise) was well, Edward.  
Need I say more?

One of my favorite scenes from the movie.... 

Oh yes, I will definitely be back to see it once again.
And, yes, I am enjoying my fall from reality.
Hope I can stay here for awhile.


cathy said...

I saw it too-I also loved Edward and Bella-I was pleasantly surprised how much I did like the movie. Don't you wish you could be her?!!

Adelle and Cord said...

I am still giddy!!! I can't help it! I love Twilight. I totally have a crush on Edward. Oh, boy. It is bad.

Thanks for being a Twilight lover with me. It is so fun watching movie trailers and hot Edward picture swapping with you.

Lets go see it again.