Watch Out Williams Sisters!

Guess who's been playing Tennis this summer?
(photo credit goes to my 5 year old...)

Any guesses?

It's me and my sis!
We make a pretty dynamic duo.

I mean, just look at her!  
Who would want to go up against her?!
She's got some serious game...
(and those striped pants - 
pretty intimidating, don't ya think?)
and speaking of dynamic duos... 
check out these 2 cuties.
Betcha you've never seen cuter ball girls.

What?  You've never seen a ball girl 
make dead eyes at the crowd before?
Well, you've never been to one of our games, then!

And with any luck, 
these two cuties have inherited some
of their mothers skills of the court...

Watch out Williams sisters! 
If you're ever in town, you'll have a match on your hands!

(Now if you'll excuse me, 
I am going to go pray that the Williams sisters never see this post, 
and never come to my town.)

1 comment:

Adelle and Cord said...

That was really funny! I was just sitting here giggling to myself.

I love Tennis Day. We need to keep it up. Maybe tomorrow.