Happy Halloween!

I have a fear of clowns.  
It might have something to do with 
the time I went to the circus, 
and a clown killed my Dad.
(thank you Matt for making us laugh our heads off with this classic Jack Handy joke!)

In the spirit of Halloween today
(which is usually a bad spirit - evil, scary, twisted...)
 I would like to present to you - 
my first born, the evil clown.
Last weekend, he worked his dream job - 
scaring people to death in the Haunted Woods.  

This poor unsuspecting woman doesn't know
 what awaits her behind the curtain...
(my flash lit things up for the pictures, but the atmosphere was pitch black, 
with a strobe lights flashing and freaky circus music blasting...)  

This is Jordan's friend Hunter, 
who was the other evil clown
in the CARNEVIL section of the Haunted Woods.
The boys did their own make-up and hair, 
and decorated their section of the Woods, themselves.  
Very talented (twisted?) boys. 
I'm so proud. 

Happy Halloween!

A huge thank you to my ultra talented mom, 
who whipped out this costume in one evening 
after Jordan called her and said 
"Grandma, can you make me a clown costume?".  
~Love you Mom!~ 


'Ole Lisa said...

They are two of the the cutest, twisted clowns I have ever seen. Makes us proud as their mothers, right?! Thanks for taking some pictures of the boys. I am so glad that Hunter has someone to share his love of the weird with him.

Adelle and Cord said...