Boys Gone (into the) Wild!

Fall is here, which can mean only one thing...
The boys are heading out into the wild.
They have to, you see.
They have to go out and provide food for the family.
It's their duty as men.
3 or 4 days of hunting and fishing 
out in the wilderness -
fighting the elements and the wild beasts.
It's really tough, I know. 
But they are willing to make the sacrifice, 
because they love their families back home!

It's tough work, getting up before the dawn...

and hiking around in the vast wilderness.

And, you just never know what kind
 of wild animals you might run into!
This deer could have easily been a cougar or a bear!
There is danger around every turn!

And they will even risk the possibility of 
altitude sickness, being so high up in the
mountains - even higher up than the clouds.
(Aren't you feeling sorry for them?) 

And, even though they are exhausted 
from a long day on the hunt,
they find the time to go fishing. 
(food for the family, of course)  

It's a rough and dirty job, 
but someone has to do it!

(*disclaimer - do not watch these videos 
if you are a fish advocate.   Thank you.  End of disclaimer.)

I dedicate this hunting / fishing post 
to my Superman Hubby on his birthday.
Glad you had a good time bonding with your sons.  
Thanks for being such an amazing husband and father.
Don't worry... I like being married to an old man.  :)
I love you!

(*All photo credits go to my cute hubby.  Not bad, eh?)


Adelle and Cord said...

Overall great post.
Great commentary.
Great scenery.
And Great boys.

Happy Birthday Chad.

I'm Jenny said...


'Ole Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Chad! You took some great pictures of some really beautiful scenery. I guess while tagging along and helping Jen out all these years with pictures, some of her vast talent has rubbed off on you! Seriously, how neat that you get to spend that kind of time with your sons in God's country!

Chad said...

Not only do I do it for my family, I do it for my faith.

Enos 1:3
Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests...

Moses 5:1 ...and to have dominion over all the beasts of the field, and to eat his bread by the sweat of his brow, as I the Lord had commanded him.

'Ole Lisa said...

Chad you make me smile!