Hair Cuttin' Time.

Hair cuts have been a big deal around our house lately!  This cute girl has been asking and asking for a cute short haircut.  Well, the words "short hair" are like swear words to Chad.  He loves long hair on his girls!!  But, with him out of the house one night, and of course Mom having the ultimate say in the matter, I granted the wish of this cute little sweetie!       

(she had just pulled out her pig-tails.)


So Stinkin' Cute!
And Yes, even her Papa loves it! -  
and that's sayin' something!!


Adelle and Cord said...

She is so cute! Gab is officially the most talked about cousin around here right now. Libby calls her on the phone, talks about her while sleeping, sings happy birthday to her, and this morning she made her a house out of a blue berry muffin. Gabbi is such a sweetie and Libby sure loves her. (Me too!)

I'm Jenny said...

Adelle - that is so dang cute. Gabi will love hearing all of that! She loves Libby. Gabi is such a good little care giver - you'll have a great baby-sitter on your hands in a few years!!

'Ole Lisa said...

Oh my word! She is such a dolly! She looks so much older with her hair cut like that. It is a great cut and looks wonderful on her.

cathy said...

So cute-I can't believe you cut that yourself-how do you know how to do it?

I'm Jenny said...

Oh Cathy - I wish so bad I could take credit for cutting it! I didn't. A darling friend in our ward (who is an awesome stylist) came over and cut it for us! It turned out so cute! I would love to know how to cut hair, but unfortunately all I can do is sneak in a stylist while Chad is out.. :)