A week at the Lake.

Remember when I used to have time to blog?
Ya, me too.
I guess I have just been too busy soaking up and enjoying the last of my summer!

Here are a few pics from our week at Washington Lake with Chad's awesome family.  
Gotta love the great outdoors!

(classic self-photo of me and Superman)

We spent our time fishing, canoeing, kayaking, reading, resting,
eating, hanging by the fire, hiking, cliff diving, rock climbing, swimming,
and enjoying the time together away from all the distractions of life!

(Shaye with her first catch of the day!)

(Caden giving his mother a heart-attack)

(Jordan, Cade and Kail getting ready to cliff jump)

The boys had a lot of fun cliff diving up at Wall lake 
and they even talked Gabi into jumping from the lower rocks!

  (a brave little girl!)

(our home away from home)

Our friends let us use their trailer for our trip - yes, we have amazing friends - 
and it was so nice to have somewhere comfortable to hang out!  

The Uintas are my absolute favorite place to camp in the state of Utah.  
It is so amazingly beautiful!  

(the Tanner kiddos, enjoying the great outdoors and making some memories)

I just love making memories like these, don't you?
Happy Summer.


Jorgensen Family Blog said...

I'm seriously going to have to check out Wall Lake sometime. That cliff jumping looks fun :) Glad you were able to make another fun summer trip! Can't believe school is starting so soon.

~adelle said...

you blogged! :) gotta love cadens mullet! we have got to get up there. it looks beautiful. your pictures look so vibrant. i love your camera. i am not even brave enough to jump off a cliff. way to go bree (gabs).

see ya tonight!

Jenny said...

Yep, I was laughing at the mullet, too. It was fun to have it for a week or two... :) We should plan a trip up there and take the kids. We would love to go with you guys sometime! All these pics are from my little point and shoot camera. I have been very happy with it! And ya, they couldn't talk me into jumping off either... :) I'm excited for our bike ride tonight!

'Ole Lisa said...

Looks like you had a ton 'o fun! I used to like to jump off of high things, but since I had children, I can't force myself to do it. It physically makes me sick. One week from today and the kids will be back in school. Bittersweet. Mine are acting a bit to bored and getting snappy attitudes. Thanks for the update. P.S. You look stunning even camping! Some people just are blessed with beauty in any situation. ;)

~adelle said...

Point and Shoot??? Ah, then it is true...it is the Photographer not the camera after all! :)

And I am just noticing how skinny bree's legs look as she is jumping off the cliff... she is a lucky little girl!