A few weeks ago, Jordan was one of the 3,000 youth that participated in the Youth Spectacular
(Jordan in the pre-existence waiting for his turn on earth!)

It was truly SPECTACULAR.
They performed for 2 nights at Weber State and completely filled the stadium both nights, (Chad and I were lucky enough to go to both - yes we are proud parents!) and in fact on Saturday night the stadium was overflowing with people and we actually broke the record for number of people in the stadium. 
It was rumored that the Prophet was there in attendance, but more than that - 
the spirit that filled the stadium was incredible!

(Our whole family came to enjoy the show!)

The Spectacular performed life from the pre-existence - to our life on earth - to life after death - and having faith in our Savior Jesus Christ 
and the power that is in each one of us and learning who we truly are
The messages in the songs were amazing, and I feel so grateful for Jordan to have been a part of it, 
to help him learn who he truly is, where he came from 
and have those messages and spirit touch his heart!

The Power in Purity!
power in the heavens...
power in the plan!
power in discovery...
learning who I am!
there's power in obedience...
the truth that sets us free!
To find a sense of confidence,
the power in purity!

 (Jordan on the earth - "Arise and Shine Forth that thy light may be a standard for the nations")

I never stand alone, when I stand with God.
And I stand with his prophets.
 Wherever I may go...
when I stand with God, I never stand alone!
I stand with Nephi and Moroni
with Abinadi who testified in faith, 
the saints through the ages,
the stalwart and faithful - leading me, telling me -
I never stand alone, when I stand with God!

(Jordan standing with God and the prophets)

Its hard to describe just how special it really was...
It was a beautiful way to spend a few summer nights.
To learn more about our faith and what we believe CLICK HERE.


~adelle said...

that was really neat! i wish we could have stayed for the finale. Gage just wasn't having it. it was a very neat thing. so cool that Jordan did it for sure.

Jorgensen Family Blog said...

That does sound like a very fun way to spend a few summer nights :)

'Ole Lisa said...

I started crying from the very first of the program. I turned to the young man next to me, which I didn't know, and apologized and told him it could be a long evening. I loved it when they all came together and then some of them were coming to earth. It was amazing! The whole thing was unreal. Such a blessing for those who were in it as well as those who watched.