Good Times, Bad Times.

Its that time again.  The summer is drawing to an end.
My kids all celebrated birthdays this spring and summer.  
Each one is a year older.
Time is ticking on, and some days it doesn't just tick...  
it whizzes by as fast as a roller coaster, and your standing there thinking,
"what just happened"?
Good times - Bad times.

School starts in a few days, and so starts a new routine.
No more late nights and lazy mornings.
Up at 6:30 to work-out, make breakfast and lunches, and have family prayer.
Then off my children go, into the world.
Good times - Bad times.

I finally made some time to get some new photos of them.
My kids hear the words "photo shoot" and turn into difficult little subjects!
You would think I am putting them in a torture chamber, 
instead of pointing a camera at them.
Good times - Bad times.

Good thing they are so dang cute, and that I am good at my job...
Good times - Bad times - 
I will take it all because that's just life 
and I love mine!


Jorgensen Family Blog said...

You have cute cute kids Jenn! And you ARE really good at taking pictures :) I hope the next time we're ready for some pics, that you'll take them.

~adelle said...

Wait a minute, those kids look like angels! I can't image them giving you a hard time. ;)

They did turn out great. Glad we made the effort to go. Hope I didn't stress you out by rushing you through dinner...etc.

They are lucky to have you as a mom.