Life. In Pictures.

(cute pregnant Adelle)

This is my sis.
She is about to give birth to her first son.
I have a birthday coming on Friday, and I am hoping he will make his appearance into this world on my birthday!  It would sure make my getting older a little easier for me to bear.
And wouldn't that be a great birthday present?
I think so.
Me and my camera are ready and waiting. 

And speaking of baby boys...
(cute, chubby Corey - pics from my blackberry)

I got to have this adorable little guy for a whole weekend!
He is my other sis Cindee's baby boy.
Oh man, did I love having a babe to carry around!
Let's just say there was a lot of kissing going on that weekend.
I am so lucky to have sisters and sisters-in-law
who will supply me with darling babies to kiss!
(my blue-eyed babe)

Especially since my baby is not so much a baby anymore...
But that doesn't stop me from giving her plenty of kisses.
How can you resist kissing those cheeks?

Now, off to make dinner and get a little work done.
PS.  I have been loving this song today.
I think Lee will win the whole thing.  Hopefully.


Teri Wadman said...

I have been loving that song too. I have listened to it a lot! He better win the whole thing!

~adelle said...

Please let him come. I am getting abused from the inside out. He is one strong little baby. Can't wait to see what the doc says today. Maybe I could bring down a cake tonight and you could make an early birthday wish. We have plenty of candles! :)

Don't worry too much about getting older. I think you look younger than me, so that says something about how you take care of yourself! Lets just do some celebrating.