Happy Birthday to Me.

So, yesterday was my birthday.  I am another year older.
Time is a funny thing, isn't it?
It marches along... always marching... and most the time, we don't even notice it.
You just wake up one day and you have teenagers, wrinkles and aches and pains.
I don't worry too much about getting older...
My superman hubby tells me I get more beautiful everyday.  
My dad tells me the same thing.  
Granted, they have to say that... they are my hubby and my dad!
What else would they say?
Even still, I am glad they say it.
I am a lucky girl to have these men in my life.
(blackberry pic of me and Superman on my birthday)

I awoke to the sound of my family singing to me "Happy Birthday"
(except for Shaye who refused to get out of bed for such nonsense).
Then I was showered with gifts - the wonderful kid-made, home-made kind that make your heart swell and then I wonder  - how did I get so lucky to be blessed with these cute kiddos?
I also got a new vacuum - a Dyson - and I am so excited!
(does this make me a nerd, or someone who just loves to be domestic?)

We decided (well, I decided) that the rest of the day should be spent in the big city.
We sent the kiddos off to school and set out for a day of fun.

Some of the highlights:

*Lunch at my favorite spot - RED ROCK in Salt Lake City
and something else besides the AMAZING food that made it all the more special ~ 
my server was MATT.  I just love him.

*Shopping at The Gateway ~ need I say more?

*The megaplex ~ Robinhood ~ Russell Crowe ~ need I say more?

*Having an entire day alone with Superman 
(who, by the way, was such a good sport about shopping all the day long and listening to me talk about my philosophies about life, people, the world, politics and really understanding my wants and dreams and hopes for the future and indulging me in conversations about fashion, design and technology.  This man really knows me and he really gets me!  And that makes me so happy.)

*All the love shown towards me in the form of phone calls, texts and Facebook messages.  Seriously, you guys really know how to make a girl feel special!  I must be the luckiest girl on the planet to have such amazing friends and family!  I love you all so much.

(obsessing over pillows in Anthropologie

If getting older means I get to have perfect days like this one, then bring it on!
Happy Birthday to Me.


~adelle said...

Fun DAY! I have been wanting to go to Anthropoligie for awhile now....hum, I might need to join you next time! Glad you got to enjoy your Birthday with Chad and do so many fun things. You are an AMAZING sister and I love you________THIS_________ much!!

Jorgensen Family Blog said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!! What a lucky girl :) Happy Birthday! You deserve every bit of it!

Jennifer M. said...

You go girl! Sounds like an awesome birthday. What a sweet man you have. Isn't crazy how time is passing by so so fast? I feel and look older...you don't, even though you say you do. But I don't mind either as long as I can be with my family too. I'm glad you had such a nice day.

'Ole Lisa said...

You are beautiful and get prettier everyday. You deserved a fabulous day. And as far as having wonderful children spoil you, they had to have been taught that somewhere, right?!