The Holidays. Part Two - The Sounds.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Yar!
Music is a HUGE part of my family - and a HUGE part of our holidays.
Every year we get together to sing carols - our favorite one being -
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Yar!
Are you wondering why I keep spelling Year - Yar?
Because we actually sing it Yar!
Years ago when we started this tradition, someone (my mom?) spelled year wrong on this song when she was typing up all the words to the songs.
We always get a good laugh at it... and we LOVE singing it that way... ITS OUR TRADITION!

We always get to hear and sing Matt's BEAUTIFUL original Christmas Carol.

And the kids (and adults) have lots of fun playing the chimes.

We finish up the night by decorating some delicious gingerbread men.

And Chad and I are feeling INCREDIBLY grateful for the beautiful SOUNDS of the Holidays.

PS.  No pics of this, but, Michael McClean's The Forgotton Carols Concert is another great "sounds" tradition.  We go every year thanks to Chad's fabulous Mom - It is also one of our favorites!

Stay tuned for Part Three - Each Other.


'Ole Lisa said...

You have such a great time with your family. It is like pulling teeth to get Jeff's family to play the chimes. (They are daubs of dough at times) and my family has to use a church to get-together. It is fun, but nuts!

~adelle said...

So wonderful. Please make Christmas come back again. :) I miss all the parties and the fun. January is going to be the death of me! Why are we not in St. George??? Remind me...

~jenny said...

Thanks Lisa! We do have a lot of fun with the fam! Makes the holidays really meaningful. :) This year especially because of my Dad's heart attacks. I feel so lucky to have him in my life still!

I know Adelle! Where did Christmas go? I want to do it again!! I HATE THE COLD DREARY JANUARY. I am ready to hop in the car anytime. Just say the word.