New Things.

I have a new baby at my house!

The Canon Mark II 5d!
I am so in love.  
Yes.  In love with my camera.
  My beautiful 5th child.
It has been a very exciting addition to my photography gear!
It is a dream to shoot with.

Another new addition is also in the works...
I am in the process of creating a new website and blog 
for my photography/videography business.
I can't wait until its done!  (It is so much work!)
This spring will definitely bring some new and exciting things for me! 

My sister Adelle (videographer extraodinarre) 
will also be showcasing her talents on the new website.
It will be a fun partnership!

Speaking of Adelle - 
she and her darling girls were my first shoot with my new camera.
This shoot took all of about 10 minutes.
The girls were not having it!
But I think we got some cute ones, considering!
Here are a few favs...


'Ole Lisa said...

Aren't new toys the BEST! You already take great pictures so this will be icing. Right?! Have fun and when I drop some poundage, I want you to take some more pics of Jeff and I. I can't wait to see the new blog and website.

I'm Jenny said...

Lisa I would love that! Thanks for the compliments! Coming from a very talented lady herself... no one makes treats like you do, NO ONE! Yum.