January in St. George

A film job took Adelle and I to St. George in January.  
We have now decided that we should be spending our winters there from now on...
Yes, Yes.  I could handle winter if it was 65 degrees.

We spent 3 days there for the job and couldn't bring ourselves to leave.  
We missed our families and all, but the weather was just too amazing.
So, we called and said "We are staying 3 more days - Come join us!"
And that's exactly what they did.  It was a BLAST.
We spent one day in Zion National Park.
It was beautiful.

They even had a picture of Caden on their caution signs.  
Yes, he slipped a lot.  It was funny.

Here is my boy.  My friend.  My sweetie.  My cutie teenager.  
I can feel him growing up and slipping away from me...
It makes my heart hurt.  Man I love this kid.

And this is my partner in crime and her darling little family. 
We have way too much fun together.

If you ever get a chance to see Zion in the wintertime, do it.
You won't regret it.  It is so beautiful.

Speaking of having fun together...
These two are great friends.

What?  You didn't know I had twins?
Ok, twins that are 3 years apart...

Both of the resorts we stayed at had great outdoor pools.
Thats right.  I said outdoor.  
We swam outside in January.  In January people!  
We soaked up as much sunshine as we possibly could.
I just love getting a suntan in January.  It's the best.  

We also did some hiking in the red rock country.

My family loves the red rock country.
It's like a natural playground for kids. 
They hiked and climbed and ran 
and hiked and climbed and ran...
It was a brilliant, blue sky, sunny, wonderful kind of day.
The kind you never want to end.
And it was awesome until Adelle forced me against my will 
to squeeze myself through this crack in one of the canyons.  
She forced me, I say!  Gave me no choice!  
(And that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

And don't tell her, but I can't wait for next January, 
when she forces me yet again to 
squeeze myself through the crack...  
And for all of our sunny adventures that await us down south.  


~adelle said...

Just sitting down here, getting all teary eyed, thinking about our fun trip! Great memories.

Lets make some more in Cali...(poke, poke.) I know how to wear a woman down. We could do some body surfing at the beach, take some great photos on the sand, let our kids discover the happiest place on earth together. It would be like our own Feature Films for Family. (peck, peck.) I can be worse than a kid you know. You might as well give in now...

I'm Jenny said...

you had to go and throw in words like "beach, sand, bodysurfing, happy place..." now i am seriously getting online to look at hotel deals... it doesn't take much to get me excited, does it? let's work it out. it will be a BLAST.