So Cool.

OK - If you are a digital photography fanatic like me, or even if your not, you will love this movie.  Awesome photographer Ross Ching made this movie called "Eclectic 2.0" with his Canon DSLR!  I was amazed when I watched it!  If you are interested in how he did it, you can learn more about how he did it here.  We live in such an amazingly beautiful world!  WOW!  So Cool.  
Happy Tuesday!


hollyam said...

i like that video i can't wait to look into how he did that. that page you made of jordan looks really good! my favorite, though, is the pic of shaye lifting weights ;) that was so fun!

hollyam said...

about the blue "i like that video", i was just experimenting with html tags like it says here under the comment window. i didn't know what the a inbetween the arrow things would, so now we know :)