Shaye's Day at the Gym!

Don't ya just love the month of May?  You know... a million soccer games, a billion baseball games, a trillion field trips, school programs galore, dance recitals and a plethora of end of school activities?!  
(Did I just use the word plethora?)  

Ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but it is super crazy busy!  But, I have to say, I am lovin' every minute!  After all, there will come a time when my cute little kiddies will grow up and leave me... and then what will I do with my time?!!!  (um, lets see... read, travel, photography, more reading... :) but for now I am just basking in this crazy, busy, wonderful life!  
Hope you are too!    

Thought I would share a few pics of my field trip with Shaye at the gym.  She loved working out!  (a girl after my own heart... at least she inherited one thing from me!)  What a cutie.       

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